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I am using vb.net 2003 with crystal reports.  In vb6 you could get at the section events easily to provide complex formating via code.  What is the equivalent in vb.net and how do you implement it.  I think this is done via the format section event but i cannot find it anyway.  I wish to put data into a report field that i look up via another function i have written .
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Hi wrxguru,

 Hi this documentation from the msdn might get you going.

Public Instance Properties
Database Database. Gets the Database object.
DataDefinition DataDefinition. Gets the DataDefinition object.
ExportOptions ExportOptions. Gets the ExportOptions object.
FilePath String. Gets the file path and name of the report.
HasSavedData Boolean. Gets whether the report has data saved in memory.
IsLoaded Boolean. Gets whether the report has been loaded using the Load method.
IsSubreport Boolean. Gets whether the report is a subreport.
Name String. Gets the report name. For the main report, the report name is empty.
PrintOptions PrintOptions. Gets the PrintOptions object.
RecordSelectionFormula String. Gets or sets record selection formula.
ReportDefinition ReportDefinition. Gets the ReportDefinition object.
ReportOptions ReportOptions. Gets the ReportOptions object.
SummaryInfo SummaryInfo. Gets the SummaryInfo object.

Public Instance Methods
Close Closes the report.
EnableEventLog Enables the event log for the print engine. By default the log is not enabled.
Export Exports a report to a format and destination specified within the ExportOptions Object.
ExportToDisk Exports the report to a file in the specified format.
ExportToStream Exports the report to a stream in the specified format.
GetConcurrentUsage Returns the number of concurrent jobs opened allowing developers to build license monitoring into their applications.
Load Overloaded. Loads a new report using the specified type.
OpenSubreport Opens a subreport contained in the report and returns a ReportDocument Object corresponding to the named subreport.
PrintToPrinter Prints the specified pages of the report to the printer selected using the PrintOptions.PrinterName property. If no printer is selected, the default printer specified in the report will be used.
Refresh Reloads and displays the report from its original source.
SaveAs Saves the report into the specified file with specified ReportFileFormat.
SetCSSClass Sets the cascading style sheet (CSS) for various sections and report objects. The style class can be used to override the object and section formats contained in the report. For more information on formatting reports over the Web see Formatting Reports using HTML Classes.
SetDatabaseLogon Overloaded. Sets the database logon information. Logon information is applied to all tables if server name and database name are not specified.
SetDataSource Passes a Recordset or Dataset to the report engine when using a 'Push Model'. For more information on Push and Pull models, see Data Access.
SetParameterValue Overloaded. Sets the current value of a parameter field. The value can be a primitive, ParameterValue, an array of either type, or a ParameterValues collection.

Public Instance Events
InitReport Event fired when a report is loaded successfully.

See Also
ReportDocument Class | CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine Namespace

wrxguruAuthor Commented:
but what is the URL for that article ?  
Got that from the MSDN library that comes with Visual Studio.

So you couold goto msdn at microsoft and do a search for ReportDocument in the MSDN library.
wrxguruAuthor Commented:
Upon investigation via other means it seems that this cannot be done in Crystal 9...
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