Windows 2003 - Unable to ping even by ip??

Earlier this afternoon, I came across a very strange behaviour on a Windows Server 2003.

I renamed a few PCs(all Win XP) and tried to browse for the PCs on the Domain controller. The new names do appear on DNS, DHCP and in the Network Neighborhood(Entire Network). However, I cannot ping the PCs from the server by name or even by ip address. At the moment, the only thing that seems to be possible is ping between the 2 domain controllers.

On the other hand, the XP pcs can ping the 2 servers(DCs) but not anything else.
DNS is set to allow Dynamic updates(secure only)
When I did an nslookup(both on server and PC) the DNS server was being identified, but the PC name was not getting resolved. So I did an ipconfig /registerdns from the client PC and then retried nslookup. This time however, the pc name got resolved. But ping was not still possible.

The PCs can logon normally and I could not find any other visible problems

One other component in the network is an ISA server 2004. This is too long and unsure shot but I am going to try and stop ISA tomorrow and see if that makes any difference.

What still amazes me is the inability to ping ip address.

Has anyone here experienced this issue. Please throw some light.

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are the xp workstations service pack 2?

if they are, is the firewall on (check it, it is sneaky)

i have found this to be the culprit in many weird things like this, the darned thing seems to re-enable itself randomly - or all my users are playing tricks on me

Hi nirmalkishore,

 Sounds like the DNS hasn't refreshed the changes, trying stopping and restaring the dns server first.

Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
run a netdiag from the command prompt of your client workstations and check for errors.

I agree with Red about the firewall..

Check DHCP settings, it might be caching computer names for the lease duration,
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Like the guys say first check your firewalls, failing this try clearing your ARP cache. On the machine that your trying to ping FROM type 'arp -d *' to clear the arp cache.

If you still cant ping after clearing the ARP cache, make sure that the IP stack on the machines that your trying TO ping by pinging localhost. If you get a reply then the IP stack is working.

Let me know how you get on.

Cheers, Gaz Jones.
Wow sorry for the retarded last post, your clients can log on and register DNS entries so this wont be an IP/ARP problem. I've known ISA to block local traffic so u might find after uninstalling it everything starts working again.

Good luck.
nirmalkishoreAuthor Commented:
Thanks to redseattechnologies. I did not think that the xp firewall could block even LAN traffic. Anyway your solution worked...

glad you got it sorted

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