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Connecting 6509 to 4507 Switch.

Trying to configure a trunk in port channel mode between a 6509 and a 4507 switch.
6509 in running  CatOS and 4507 is running IOS. Trunk encapsulation required to be DOT1Q and only two VLAN’s 5  &6 should pass in the trunk.
The two switches will be connecting through two cross over cables.
I need help in configuring the two ports on 6509 switch.The exact commands to be entered on both the switches would be a great help.
Thanks in advance.
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In global mode:

host#vlan database
           vlan VLAN_ID name VLAN_NAME

In config mode repeat following for each port:

host(conf)#interface INT_ID
                   switchport mode trunk
                   switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
                   switchport trunk allowed vlan 5,6           ! in your scenario 5 & 6
                   port group 1 distribution destination

the native vlan1 needs to pass as well, as the native vlan is what carries the information about the other vlans.

Which switch is the vtp server? vtp client? Instead of manually doing the vlans, would pruning suffice? Is vlan 5 & 6 only what you need at the moment, or are there other traffic or security issues you're trying to deal with as well?

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assumption: VLANs have already been configured

set vtp domain <your_domain>, VTP domain must be the same on both switches !!!!!!!!!!
set trunk a/b on dot1q
clear trunk a/b 1-1005
set trunk a/b 5,6
set port channel {[mod_num/port_num] [admin_group]} {on | off | auto | desirable} , I would set it to on, nail it down


You do not have to run VTP but you must set the domain, if you choose not to use VTP  you could then set the mode to transparent, this would require you to maunually configure vlans and trunks.

>the native vlan1 needs to pass as well, as the native vlan is what carries the information about the other vlans.

VLAN 1 does not need to be trunked, it is still utilized but only for communicating with directly connected devices.


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