EMERGENCY!!!!! SBS2003 - Exchange 2003 Defrag problem - Not releasing space

I have a brand new client install of SBS2003. I imported 15GB of data and then deleted 5GB from the mailboxes. I ran eseutil /d priv.edb and the size is exactly the same, 15GB.

I then noticed that the delete retention was set to 30, so I set it to 0, rebooted the server and ran the defrag again with the same result - still 15GB. The space is not going down.

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The client has to be back up in the morning.

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i am not realy sure...but one reason may have something to do with single instance storage....which means untill u delete the last email sent to  a group u wont see any
gain in ur free space...if this is the type of a company where all the emails are sent to
groups then that maybe a good explanation if not then just disregard my comments...
Online maintenance needs to complete first before Exchange will mark the deleted data as "white space". When this happens, you will then be able to regain your space.
By default online maint. runs nightly. You will see an Event ID 1221 in the application log when this completes. The number listed in the description is the approximate amount of space you will regain.

Hope this helps.
you could temporaily change when offline maintainance occurs so it would kick this process off straight away, in exchange manager browse to the mailbox store and right click then properties and under the database tab you can set up a customised maintenance interval to run from say in 5 mins for 2 hours or so. (make sure you change it back when its done)
goknowsAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, it worked!!!
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