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I would like to load and run Win 95 or Win 98 (pre-SE) in Virtual PC in order to run some legacy software. My problem is I recently cleaned the shelf and diposed of some of the old software. I now have a DOS boot disk, a Windows 95 Upgrade CD, and a Windows 98 Upgrade CD.  When I boot form the DOS disk I get an A: prompt and can not get the Win95 or Win98 CDs to load an operating system.

Can anyone suggest how I might get either WIn95 or 98 to load from the Upgrade Disks.  I obviously have disposed of the full versions as I cleaned the "shelf".  At the time I did not recognize the need to run this legacy program, or even recognize that Virual PC would serve the purpose.
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Michael PfisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
After booting the DOS disk you should be able to access your CD drive. There you must look for the setup.exe and run it.
If your Windows installation requuires a previous version of Windows you're stuck ...
Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry, Any way other than upgrading would most likely be breaking the rules of this site.  

I suggest you hit ebay for a copy of Windows 3.1, so you can upgrade to 95, then 98.
Michael PfisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you need a DOS disk to get access to a CD take a look at "Bart's Boot Disks"

Hope it helps,

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Marl_KaneAuthor Commented:
ln response to leew's suggesting regarding installing Win 3.1, I have a Win 3.1 disk and find that it will not load.  In checking the Virtual PC docs Win 3.1 is not listed as an OS that can be loaded in Virtual PC.  

I will follow up oon mpfister's recommendation, although I have a DOS boot disk.
Marl_KaneAuthor Commented:
Using the boot disk from Bart's I am able to get Win98 to begin to load from CD.  I then hit an error message indicating: "If you have HPFS or NTFS installed as your hard drive you will need to create an MS-DOS boot partition to set up Windows."

The host machine is running Win2K and the hard drive is NTFS.  How do I handle the DOS partition requirement in Virtual PC?
Marl_KaneAuthor Commented:
Here I am back still trying to load an operating system into VPC.  I now have Win95 CD and a Win95 Boot Disk.  I must admit that it has been so long since I have done anything in DOS that I am unsure of what steps to take to get Win95 up and runnine in VPC.  I boot up in VPC, go to the CD drive and go to setup.exe.  Setup starts and then tells me that "Windows Setup requres 7340032 on your "C" drive".  How do I go about configuring the v-drive in VPC to be FAT?  I have set up a DOS partition, do I need to set up another partition?

I would certainly like to find a set of instructions that leads one through the process.
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