Marconi ASX-200BX & Fore Systems ES-3810 Password Recovery

Recently, we aquired several Marconi ASX-200BX switches and several Fore Systems ES-3810 ATM/Ethernet switches.

Both of the products are preconfigured and both have passwords on them, the person who gave them to us does not know
the passwords.

I've searched the internet many times over and read the manuals for both products and still can't find anything that will allow me to clear these
passwords and reset the products to their factory defaults.

If any one has worked with Marconi/Fore products, I would appreciate your help on this topic.
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user: ami
password: no password
Have yoor tried with:


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Procedure to reset the password on ESX with FT6.1.

1) Connect to the console port.

2) Reset the switch

3) After the software decompresses and when 'sys init' is displayed, press and hold the 'Select/Next Toggle' switch to select until the display shows 'done'.

4) On the console, you will be prompted to load software without reading the CDB; answer 'Yes'.

5) You will be prompted again to load software without reading the CDB; answer 'Yes'.

6) The switch will complete booting and the login is now the default AMI with no password.

7) To clear the password from the switch permanently, you need to init the CDB.

8) There is no way at present to view the password. If you create a batch file of the CDB, the password portion is encrypted and not readable.

9) End
Support site from Marconi:

The ami username didn't work for me, but here's what did.

Press Enter repeatedly when the unit boots, or press Ctrl-Break after the unit boots to get to the Mon960 prompt (=>). Normally this prompt is used to upgrade the switch, but it can also be used to clear the configuration.

ef cfg

then reboot the switch.

The switch will come up in factory testing mode, choose option 10 to turn this mode off and reboot.
You should have a factory fresh configuration.
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