How to go about writing a button for the IE toolbar.

I want to allow browsers to jump straight to my site bringing with them the url of the site they were on (so they can see what data we hold on the original site)

Basically I want the button to send the url

I do not have the ability to write the code myself and I am not asking here for people to do it for me.  I want to approach some 3rd parties for a quote, but need advice on what is possible   in IE, what languages are required and some suggestions on how to write a spec.

There are so many toolbars you can load onto your browser, I didn't want a whole toolbar; just a single button with a logo that can be added to the standard toolbar.

People who want to use the buttomn would go to my site and I assume download an exe file.

(I already have a button written for firefox that work fine)

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there are heaps

I would not worry about getting someone else to create it, seems pretty simple to do it yourself with the right tool
susannahbondAuthor Commented:
They are not really what i was asking about, I want to add a single button to 'standard buttons' toolbar
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