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New PIX question

Current Layout

Router Public Address X.X.X.X
Unprotected Switch
VSR Satellite Routing Box. Wan IP Public Address. X.X.X.X
                                      Lan Ip Address
Pix Firewall Lan Ip Address
Internal Network 172.30.X.X

Think of each of thoose lines as a box. The LAN cable of the VSR box is plugged into the 172.30.X.X network.

This is of course protected by the PIX.

a Satellite site can ping the LAN ip address of the VSR box. But nothing else on the 172.30.X.X network.

I want to configure the PIX so that anything from the satellite site whos config is

Router Public Address X.X.X.X
INternal Lan Address of

to be able to ping anything on the 172.30.X.X network and Vica Versa.

Please List command lines i will need to input in order to acheive this.
1 Solution
From what you have described, the VSR LAN Interface goes directly into the internal network and does not pass through the PIX. The problem is routing. Your inside PCs most likely have their default gateway set as the PIX box and would therefore send any traffic that they don't have a route to through the PIX, that is, traffic destined for will be sent to the PIX.

Now the PIX will not route on the same interface that traffic entered, therefore, you will need to either

1) configure a router on your internal network to route traffic to the network throght the satellite box and set it as the default gateway
2) COnfigure static routes on all your pcs to tell them how to get to
3) configure the satelite box to do routing (if it can) and have it act as the default gateway

hope this helps.
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