Lotus Notes usage problem.

Does anyone know how to setup the mult login in lotus notes ?
Also how to delete the past user file in lotus ? Is it just delete the *.id file then ?
Thanks for urs help.
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Creating Location Documents:
   1) Menu: File - Mobile - Locations
   2) Copy/Paste your current Location document ("Office (Network)" by default) for as many other users as you want to set up.
   For each Location document:
      3) Edit Location document
      4) Change the "Location name" to be the name of the user
      5) On the "Advanced" tab, set the "User ID to switch to" for each user
      6) Save & Close

Enabling "Prompt for location":
   1) Menu: File - Preferences - User Preferences
   2) Check the box "Prompt for location" under "Startup Options" in the upper-right
   3) Click OK

Now when Notes is restarted, you will be prompoted for the user name (location name), and upon selection will be prompted for the appropriate password.


- M. Shane Sturgeon
The simplest way to set up Lotus Notes for multiple users is via Location documents. Simply create a Location docuiment for each user and specify the specific user id to use for each. I would also recomment that you set your Lotus Ntoes preferences to "Prompt for Location" on startup.

If you need details for creating and setting up these Location documents, please reply with your Lotus Notes version and I can help you further.

Regarding the user file: What are you trying to accomplish? You can remove the ID file, but it won't reset the workspace or bookmarks, for example.


- M. Shane Sturgeon
RickyXCAuthor Commented:
My Lotus Notes Ver 5.13a
Thanks for ur help.
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RickyXCAuthor Commented:
Is it also need to copy and patse the *.id in the pc (which i would like to use in the pc)
Am i right ??
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
To delete the past user files and reconfigure the client I would remove the following.


You also need to edit the notes.ini and remove everything but the first 4 lines. Then the next time you click on the icon to open the client it will act as if it was a fresh start
Yes, your *.id files would need to be accessible.
RickyXCAuthor Commented:
I see, I will try to config it tomorrow
Thanks mssturgeon and brwwiggins

RickyXCAuthor Commented:
Problem fixed.
Thanks for your help.
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