Visual Studio IDE like program.

We want to design our application like visual studio does it's IDE.  Specifically we like the way you can:
1.  "Dock" panels on the side
2.  Hit the thumbtack to lock it in place
3.  Have it smoothly glide out from the side when hovering over minimized description.

Does anyone know a way to do this without writing a control from scratch?
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I don't know a way to slide panels. I do know how to slide forms though.

Private Declare Function AnimateWindow Lib "user32" _
       (ByVal hwnd As Integer, ByVal dwTime As Integer, _
       ByVal dwFlags As Integer) As Boolean

    Private Const AW_HOR_POSITIVE = &H1 'Animates the window from left to right. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation.
    Private Const AW_HOR_NEGATIVE = &H2 'Animates the window from right to left. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation.
    Private Const AW_VER_POSITIVE = &H4 'Animates the window from top to bottom. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation.
    Private Const AW_VER_NEGATIVE = &H8 'Animates the window from bottom to top. This flag can be used with roll or slide animation.
    Private Const AW_CENTER = &H10 'Makes the window appear to collapse inward if AW_HIDE is used or expand outward if the AW_HIDE is not used.
    Private Const AW_HIDE = &H10000 'Hides the window. By default, the window is shown.
    Private Const AW_ACTIVATE = &H20000 'Activates the window.
    Private Const AW_SLIDE = &H40000 'Uses slide animation. By default, roll animation is used.
    Private Const AW_BLEND = &H80000 'Uses a fade effect. This flag can be used only if hwnd is a top-level window.

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        Dim f1 As New Form1
        AnimateWindow(f1.Handle.ToInt32, 300, AW_HOR_NEGATIVE Or AW_SLIDE)
        f1.Show() ' makes the components show
        f1.Refresh() ' makes the background paint
    End Sub
Do you want it to be a MDI application ?
QualityDataAuthor Commented:
I think we are going to have to make it an MDI.
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QualityDataAuthor Commented:
We thought we might have to use panels with splitters as that example seemed to show.   We are surprised that microsoft has not offered a way to emulate its IDE environment easily.  We can add some button to dock/thumbtack the panels but we would like is some way to glide or slowly slide the panels out like in the IDE.  Any sugestions?
By the way the IDE of visual studio uses forms not panels.
QualityDataAuthor Commented:
Yah, you're right the IDE uses forms.  I guess the trick is to get the splitter control working with forms.  
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