Cannot Change Password - XP Client, Win2k3 server


When I try to change passwords from client machines, I get the error cannot change password as new password doesnt meet complexity requirements.
Just cant seem to get rid of this.
Have ammended the GPO's so that all the password settings are disabled, so should in effect get rid of this error, however I still have it!!
I have also ammended the default domain policy to test to see if it was some sort of inheritance overide??
Still get the error??

Anyone got any ideas??


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marc_nivensConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, you will need to give time for DC replication and for the policy to apply to the DC's as well.
The complexity setting is enabled in a policy somewhere.

From the client with the user logged in, go to start- run- cmd

And then type gpresult.exe

This will show you what policies are being applied
And if it still doesn't work, run 'gpupdate /force' to apply the changed policies.

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KevNetAuthor Commented:

Did both of these and re-booted the machine - still getting the same problem.
Checked another desktop and the same thing ????
Re checked the GPO's and all the settings for password policy set to 'Not Defined'
Thats your problem.  Setting the complexity requirement to not defined will will not turn it off.  You need to set this explicitly to disabled.
KevNetAuthor Commented:
I have set this as above and carried out a gpupdate /force on a client machine and still no joy!
Should I be allowing time for replication through domain controllers??
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