iPAQ hx4705 with 640X480 screen BiltBlt() hangs

Code that runs fine on two other iPAQ's hx2100 and hp1945 both with "normal" 320X240 screens,, does not run on the new  iPAQ hx4705 with 640X480 screen.
I set a break point at the first call to BiltBlt() and the code never returns ! In fact it hangs the eVC IDE.

Anyone know why BitBlt() hangs ?
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hansw77041Author Commented:
Ok I checked for RC_BITBLT ability using GetDeviceCaps(RC_BITBLT), and found the hx4705 is not capable of transferring bitmaps.  I feel like I just purcashed a stone age device !

Any suggestion how to get around this inability to use BltBit() ?

Can try a StretchBlt instead.
hansw77041Author Commented:
nonubik Thanks for the suggestion.

I think StrecthBlt() is from the same family as BitBlt(). The fact that GetDevCaps(RC_BITBLT) tells me the hx4705 is not capable of transferring bitmaps is either a bug or
a design flaw.
At the moment the hardware is out, when it returns I'll make sure to try StrecthBlt(), however I don't think it will solve the issue.

I also tried using a third party driver to enbale the true 640X480 mode and that allowed BitBlt() to work, but as soon as the mode is set back to 320X240 it fails. This kind of confirms it may be a firmware problem, HP informed me new firware updates for hx4705 are due out this month.
hansw77041Author Commented:
This issue got fixed with a ROM upgrade by HP.
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