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Universes and Crystal Reports XI

Does anybody know the proper steps to connect to a Universe from Crystal XI?  And is it neccesary to have a DSN connection on the Client Side where Crystal Reports is being loaded?  If you know please list the steps.  Thanks guys.
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What is a Universe?

You would need a dsn on the client side if it is a client dsn.  A system dsn would exist for use on the server.

MMadrigalAuthor Commented:
Business Objects Universe

A universe is a business-oriented mapping of the data structure found in databases: tables, columns, joins, etc. It can represent any specific application, system, or group of users. For example, a universe can relate to a department in a company such as marketing or accounting. In the BusinessObjects User module, universes enable end users to build queries from which they can generate and perform analysis. Universes isolate end users from the complexities of the database structure as well as the intricacies of SQL syntax.

I love bleeding edge technology. :o)
Hi MMadrigal,

You will need a client-side DSN both on the machine running a universe-based report as well as on the machine used to develop a universe.  A new data source folder called Universes should be displayed alongside the other data sources.  Within the folder will be a list of universes available to you.  Selecting one will open the BO Query Panel - from there it's a matter of dragging and dropping the desired objects and criteria.  The end result essentially becomes a SQL command.

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Kurt ReinhardtCommented:
mlmcc -  a Universe is an OLAP-type semantic data layer between the user and the database for the Business Objects full-client and WEBI (Web Intelligence) applications.  The closest comparable functionality in the Crystal world is the Business View, which may  be deprecated in future releases in favor of the Universe.  The Seagate Info View was also comparable.

Business Objects Enterprise is now the platform for both Crystal and Business Objects web-based reporting.  If you install and play with Enterprise XI or Crystal Reports Server, the look and feel is very similar to Business Objects WEBI (Web Intelligence).    There are also hooks so you can upload and view WEBI Reports, use Business Objects Inboxes, etc...

I agree with datasenser on the connectivity.

MMadrigalAuthor Commented:
Cool.  Data Sensor answered half of it for me from the Universe Side but from the Report Developer side I still don't see it.  For now Data sensor is leading the pack can anybody get me a clear cut answer?  Thanks DataSensor so far your answer helped out alittle.  Not the answer I was looking for though.  

A universe first has to be created with the Designer module.  The universe is saved as a UNV file and then has to be published to the CMS by the universe developer.  Once published, the file will be downloaded to the Report Designer workstation by opening the Universe folder and creating a connection.


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