How to shift USB hub from 1 PC to another?

I have 2 desktops.
Both are Pentium III.
But 1 is Windows XP, the other is Windows ME.

Now I would like to take the USB hub from my desktop with Windows ME and shift it to my dekstop with Windows XP.

Do I need to install any driver software?
Or I just plug in to the other desktop?

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orubassman777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, the USB add-in card should be automatically detected and drivers installed by Windows. If an update is needed for the drivers, it can get them from Windows Update usually.
ok, just to make sure:

If you are connected to the web trough your Windows ME box, and want to disconnect your Cable/DSL from ME, and put it to XP, and then use the hub to share the connection, you will probably have to turn off the computer, and then the DSL, Wait 30 seconds, turn your DSL/Cable back on, and wait until it stops flashing, and then reboot your computer.

If it`s just a basic Hub, that enables you to connect the 2 systems together, you can just disconnect it from one machine, and connect it to the other. You don't need to install any special drivers or software for a basic HUB.
what kind of hub is this, what do you have connected to the hub?

in most cases the hub and peripherals will be detected by the new system, but wether the system has the drivers or not is the question. This is a maybe answer.
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The WinXP system will need service pack 1 or later to use USB devices.  If you want USB 2.0 capability and your hardware supports it, you will need a patch or service pack 2.
Cola78Author Commented:
sorry, I asked a wrong question.

Not shifting a USB hub.
Should be shifting a USB Port Add-In Card to another PC.
Do I need an driver installer for that? or the PC will automatic detach there is an new USB add-in card?

A card should be automatically detected and installed.
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