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Posted on 2005-04-28
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18
I use 3 Forms in my system (see listed below)

[Request Form] = User creates a document (Parent Document)
                     options on Form = There is a Field called [NagMail] (Yes/No)
                                                There is a Field called [DueDate] Date Field
If the users checks Yes in NagMail the DueDate Field displays and they can set the date they want  responses back by.

[Outgoing Request Form] = Basically all the same fields as form 1 only computed values(shows up in Inbox)
                     options on Form  = There is a [Replay Action] and a [Forward Action]
                                                 Reply Action Composes [Response Form]
                                                 Forward Action Creates a new SendTo and resends the [Outgoing Request Form]
[Response Form] = The Form used to allow the user to respond to the [Request Form].  It is also a response document and the comments as well a link to the document is placed in the parent document.

Here is what I need to be able to do --

If the user wants to use the NagMail the people in the [SendTo] field has unitl the [DueDate] to respond.  If by Midnight the DueDate they have not repsonded - they should get a email everyday stating they need to respond.  I know this will require a agent and somehow list all the people needing to repsond still.

I had posted a previous thread about this, but got busy on other stuff and could not address it.   I wanted to start clean with a new question.  My script skills are coming up to speed, but I still have some issues, so any code you can share the better for me.
Question by:Jaziar
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This question is too complex I think. There are too many things to keep in mind, which makes me wonder about the design. If you're analysing and designing "on-the-fly" (I mean while developing) and the application gets as complex as you describe, you'd better have a lot of experience in application development. The only other solution is to write down what you want, and see to it that the description goes to a detail that the average developer would understand. If things get difficult, then pay more attention to the analysis or design, whichever phase you're in.

How does this help you? Not at all? If you could write your text above in some sort of pseudo-code, you'd have the solution almost immediately. Now where to start? You already know you need an agent. Describe the process of the agent in simple If-Then-Else, and other constructs you can think of. Describe the prerequisites for the agent, the document-fields and the environment required, in a very organized way, almost to explain yourself what's the goal.

I have:
- field1
- field2

I want:
- etc

Hope this helps...


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Thanks for the suggestion - I will try to organize it better

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Defined:  I want the user to be able to turn on nag mail.  when the user creates a document they can choose if they need responses or not and by a certain date.  I may need to get data from 3 differnt people for a meeting on May 5.  so when I create the request -- I can select nagmail on and pick a date of May 4.  If the users dont reply to me by that date it will send them a email everyday telling them to respond to the request.  

I have 3 fields
Field Name = [NagMail] (Check Box) Do you want to turn on Nag Mail on this document? Yes/No

If the selection is Yes then the second field appears
Field Name = [DueDate] (Date) This is just a date field - This allows the requestor to be able to set a date for replies.
Then there is field 3
Field Name = [NagList] (hidden, computed field)  I am using this code in a action when the emails are sent.

If doc.NagMail(0) = "Yes" Then
      Set item = Doc.ReplaceItemValue("NagList", Doc.SendTo)
End If

All of above works and does not need to be worked on unless someone has a better idea.

NagList is now populated with names of users - When that user replies to the request it needs to remove them from the field - see below

eq:  [Naglist] has a value of Jaziar, Bob
Bob replies - now [NagList] has a value of Jaziar

The reply code the users click is on Form 3 which is a response document to the first request form 1.  I can cut and paste the code if needed.

Here is my idea of what the agent will do

Every evening at midnight the agent will start and check every document that is not a response document.

Subject = "Your attention is required"
Message = "Please click link below and respond to action"

Is NagList != ""
   get current date
   get date from Field DueDate
   If Current Date is past DueDate
      send Email to everyone in NagList w/doclink
      do nothing
     do nothing

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