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Can't recognize dynamic disk

I have a Sony desktop running Windows XP pro.  The hard drive is 160 gigs and NTFS. This came from the factory divided as follows:  Partiton 0 which I do not see under my computer is approximately 6 gigs.  I can see it under Windows disk management.  Partiton 1 which is the C (boot drive) is 14 Gigs.  Partiton 2 (D drive) is the remainder with approximately 40 gigs.  The C drive is maxed out with only a few hundred MB remaining.  The D drive has only about 10 Gigs of data on it with 130 gigs unused.  Unfortunately, before I tried partition commander, I converted the disk to a dynamic disk because someone told me that would allow me to resize the partitions through WIndows.  I then purchased Partion Commander version 8.  When I tried to run partiton commander, I was unable to resize which I subsequently learned was because of the DOS based program being unable to see dynamic disks. The owners manual claims that part commander can convert dynamic back to basic. When I try this however, partiton commander is not recognizing the drive as dynamic.  It displays on the screen as "other" with an unformatted OS.  Any suggestions either through partitoner commander or anything else?  Thanks
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Do you really need to repartition?  It depends what is filling up your disk.  If it is Program Files that is huge, then you really do need to repartition.  Otherwise, you could just move most of your data
 - right-click on My Documents and move it to D:
 - right-click on My Computer, select Advanced, then Performance Settings, then Advanced, Virtual Memory, Change...
   set the pagefile space on C: to zero, and set the size on D: to about twice your real memory.

Those simple changes will probably make it unncessary to repartition.
there is a program I would suggest. Paragon. There is a trial version I belive that will let you see if it is possible before purchasing. This may help you
I have also used PArtition commander and it sucks/

cwebs1960Author Commented:
The problem is that the partition is full with program files.  I removed all the portable data previously and any new programs were installed on either the D partition or an external hard drive.  Unfortunately new programs sometimes don't give you a choice as to where they install and default to C.  Also, updates to the programs installed on C including Windows updates don't give a lot of flexibility.  Changing the virtual memory settings on C will help, as I only have about 200 MB left there.  But it's not a long term solution.
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cwebs1960Author Commented:
Does the Paragon program support dynamic disk repartioning?
try using Partition Magic:  http://www.powerquest.com/
Yes Paragon does. Works great
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