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Export Lotus Notes Documents into MS Word 2000

Programing Question:  I need a code for Lotus Notes Script that would take a selected already saved lotus document and export it over to MS Word 2000 (i don't know if the version matter).  I need the document to look simular to the form used to fill out the document... Meaning I will probably have to go in and set the Word format in the program. Can anyone help?  
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You could use the @Command([FileExport]) in an agent, rather than try to do this via Lotusscript.  

Alternately, you might want to setup a Word Document template that looks like the particular form you're exporting.  Then you can use VBA to just set the values of fields on the Word template.  
crystalsingletonAuthor Commented:
Do you mean use the VBA code in lotus notes to set the values?
Yes, here's a little code to get you started.  This isn't intended to be run, just to give you an idea what I'm talking about.  The following code in a Lotusscript agent could be used to get at a Word doc programmatically.  

    Dim vtWordApp As Variant
    Dim vtWordSelection As Variant
    Dim vtWordDoc As Variant
    'create document object
    Set vtWordApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")
    Set vtWordDoc = vtWordApp.Documents.Add("C:\template.dot")
    'Add variables
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("date", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("time", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("location", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("address", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("phone", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Variables.Add ("email", "test")
    Call vtWordDoc.Fields.Update
    Call vtWordDoc.SaveAs("c:\HelloWorld2.doc")
    Call vtWordApp.Quit()
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Works, but you'll never get the rich-text fields to Word in the same format. A cut&paste approach from an open document might work, but is still a Very Clumsy Method (says Pooh). If it's to be done only a few times, then use a manual cut&paste procedure.

For a proper solution, but only if you have a few $$ to spend, look into the Midas toolkit, on http://www.geniisoft.com
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