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Using an email account for SS startup

I noticed, in a system I inherited, that the SS Agent startup account is an email address on the Active Directory domain.  I'm stilling learning AD, and this may not even be an AD issue.  SS Agent obviously works, but I must confess I've never used an email account for a startup account.  Is this a good practice?  A bad practice?  Any caveats?

many thanks
1 Solution
I think that in AD, an email account is just another way of specifying a user.

So normally your user would be ADOMAIN\AUser

But in active directory its like this :AUser@ADomain.com

That is my understanding, but you may wish to ask in the Win2000 section as I am certainly no expert.
guillotjAuthor Commented:
I think you're correct.  I'm new to AD.  It looks different, but I think it's OK.  thanks

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