Brother printer not retaining settings after re-boot.


    I have a user that has went into the properties of her Brother HL1440 printer and has set the source to Automatic.  However, when she reboots it will go back to something else and will not retain the Automatic setting under source.  Any ideas why this is happening?  Your expedited responses are greatly appreciated.


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senadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are talking about "accessories"...
Paper size =undefined
Default source=autoselect
Paper source setting goes : Tray1 - undefined

or "Basic"
paper size=a4
Multiple page=normal
Media type =plain paper
First page=Autoselect
Other pages=?same as first page

this is for HL-1430 series...(but I think it is the sam for yours)

Just make sure media type is set to plain paper.
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