HP-UX slow boot, can't rlogin or telnet

Hi, I've got an HP-UX system that is booting very, very slowly.  Once it's up, you can't
rlogin or telnet into it, but it does respond tyo ping.  It's also going to a console login
prompt and not X, but the sreen goes blank relatively swiftly after that.

Any ideas?
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Are there any error messages displayed as it goes through the startup scripts?  I'm guessing it's a networking problem, possibly related to nameservers. Has anything changed recently?

The "blank screen" sounds like it's trying to start X, but doesn't display the GUI logn screen (Usually a networking problem as well).

If you can log in at the text prompt *, and run some checks:
more /etc/rc.log - Lok for error messages
more /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log- Ditto
lanscan/ifconfig lancardname/netstat -rn/ping  (by IP address and by name) - Check networking
cat /etc/nsswitch.conf - See if it's using any name services

* If the "blank screen" prevents you from even using the console, break into the startup sequence before it tries to load X with Ctrl-Shift-|
Disable X temporarily (the dtlogin start script is run from /sbin/rc4.d) and rebot so everything else loads
First check your network connetion, DNS etc as  tfewster already suggest,  then check your
syslog to see if any other problem, (eg, can't  mount file from NFS server, etc).

You might need to perform "fsck" to all the filesystem and then reboot the box.

also check /etc/inetd.conf to see if telnet and r* are disable.
Patrick_BaldwinAuthor Commented:
I split points on this one because while it was in fact a networking problem related to nameserver,
I ended up needing to run fsck before everything worked again.

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