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Hello I have som eusers that management wants to only allow them to e-mail inside the company, and not let them send or recieve outside the company how would I accompish this?>
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This is done by establishing Classes of Service in the GWIA Access Control.

In ConsoleOne, go to the GroupWise System in the left-hand pane and expand the Domain that holds the GWIA. Connect to that Domain (right-click on the Domain object, select Connect). If needed, change the object type display (up at the top of ConsoleOne) to Gateways.

Right-click on the GWIA object, select Properties. Click the Access Control tab and select the Setting panel.

If there were no Classes of Service created, then the GWIA is probably using the Default Class of Service, which basically permits everything. DO NOT change the Default Class of Service - leave it alone.

Click Create and create a new Class of Service - let's call it "Restricted". In the Edit window that appears after you Create the Class, select the services you want to explicitly allow or deny. Generally, avoid the "Inherited" selections. Here, you probably want to choose the Prevent Incoming Messages and Prevent Outgoing Messages radio buttons.

Repeat this for another Class of Service - let's call it "Full Access". Its the opposite of the previous one.

Then populate the Classes of Service you've just created with the appropriate GroupWise users, and remove them all from the Default Class of Service (but do NOT delete that Class!).

Update your User Templates to add users to the appropriate Class of Service when their GroupWise account is created.

Lastly, set up a rule in your mailbox that will automatically direct whines from people losing their Internet E-Mail access to the mailbox of the executive setting this policy. :-)
This Access Control information is stored in the file GWAC.DB in the GWIA's directory. There is no recovery of this database should it become corrupted, so be sure to back it up and/or document your settings/Classes.
FYI, EE has added a GroupWise TA -->
Wow, a GW TA, nice!
Yeah, GWIA access control can handle this nicely, precisely as Psi pointed out.

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