How do I include quicktime movies that automatically play in a webbrowser?


I want to build a webpage (using asp or, html, javascript) that automatically starts playing a quicktime movie. It would be preferable if when a user visits the page he would not be bothered with having to go to the apple website to get the player or any other software needed, I will in that case offering them a link to a locally stored quicktime player.

There are thus 2 scenario's I need to deal with:

1.First of, how can I tell in code (, asp, html,...) wether a user has the required software?
2.If a user has the right software installed what is the code to place into my webpage to make it so that in a table or div or whatever a moviescreen starts playing the movie?

Points to consider when answering this question

I will award the points to the person that gives me the most detailed explanation so I don't have to adjust many things and simply pretty much cut and paste the given code (with a couple minor adjustments ofcourse to account for name of movie, widths,...but you get the picture I hope)

Examples from asp, and html seperate would be preferred. This probably can be done using html only but I like to have it configurable so I can easily adjust variables such as moviefile to be played, link offered to downloading of player and stuff like that and .net is easy in that I only would need to adjust the code and have one dll to hold the code so therefore the need for or asp

Anyways, thnx in advance to any would be problemsolvers...I'm eagerly awaiting any information.


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jcrumbleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this site should answer your questions:

note code-base which redirects the user to an activex control to install quicktime if they do not already have it installed.

Good Luck,
Gizeh2000Author Commented:
Hi Jeff,

Thnx for for the answer, thats pretty much all I need.

no prob and good luck.
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