Pointing Domain name to a server

Hi guys,

I have a Windows Server 2003 that has one forward lookup zone and on reverse lookup zone.

I am trying to get it to point www.domain.com to https://server.domain.com/exchange

how in the heck can I do that?

I appreciate all help and comments.
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Completely impossible...

DNS and web are totally different services so there's no way for it to know https information or directory information.

What you can do is setup www.domain.com and then in IIS, or whatever web server, have it redirect to the https://server.domain.com/exchange.

That's about as close as you can get.
under the .com on DNS under Adminstrator Tools

add a CNAME for www that points to the domainname.com
add an A record for the IP of server.domain.com  (you just put "server" and the ip)

Then on IIS on the server.domain.com, under the default website, forward an address exactly like this one and type in https://server.domain.com/exchange

You do that by opening IIS Manger, selecting Default Web Site, going to properties.  Click on "Home Directory", select the option "Redirect to a URL", type in https://server.domain.com/exchange at the text box.  Select "The exact URL entered above".
Make sure you have the the right IP address and port 443 enabled under the "Web Site" tab in IIS.

Reset IIS by going to Start-Run-type in "cmd" and then type iisreset.


The above is riding on the fact that exchange and mail server are on two different machines and the DC is on another.
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Let me clarify that a little... it's completely impossible to do with DNS only!
christsis, I wasn't suggesting that you could.  However, you need to have some DNS setup to resolve the top domain name.
I was clarifying my initial post, had nothing to do with what you had posted. It got posted after yours simply because I got stopped in the middle of typing.
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