Pix - using interface name in access-list commands instead of ip

Hi Cisco PIX newbie here so bare with me.

In the following command:

access-list acl_out permit tcp any host eq 5878

I'd like to replace the ip "" with just the interface name "outside".  This is because the  ip might change whereas the interface name will always stay the same.  How do I go about doing this?  I've tried:

 access-list acl_out permit tcp any host outside eq 5878

but it didn't work.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on what version of OS you have. I think 6.3x started supporting it...
Just use the keyword "interface" as shown here:

  access-list acl_out permit tcp any interface outside eq 5878

parmjit80Author Commented:
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