Remove Dead Servers

I have server names in enerprise manager. One was my laptop, one was another machine no longer running. How do I get rid f them? You have to connect to delete and there's nothing to connect to.Chris
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>> you must connect to the server to get this menu <<

I just tried right-clicking on the Server name that no longer exists and it showed me the menu where I was able to select Delete SQL Server Registration and I am not connected to it.  What version of SQL Server are you using?  I don't think you need to be connected to the server to do this.
Did you try to right-click on the Server name and select Delete SQL Server Registration?  Is this what you're looking for?
stopher2475Author Commented:
This is what I would like to do, however, you must connect to the server to get this menu and as these machines don't exist I can't connect to them.
stopher2475Author Commented:
I just tried again and it's letting me delete without connecting.
I swear I'm not crazy and I tried this before but didn't work.
It still tries to connect if I move the mouse at all but at least I can get rid of the dead links.
Anyhow, thanks for the help.
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