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UPS Worldship Batch Import

DawG25 asked
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I'm running Worldship 7.0 and am having a slight problem.  I have my import map working perfectly using the Keyed Import Map; however, I cannot do it that way any longer.  The file it is importing from may be periodically changed.    So, I am forced to do a batch import and import all shipments at once.  I noticed these then go into the Imported Shipments under the Pickup Log.  Is there anyway I can access each of these in a fashion similar to keyed import (such as by BOL#) ?  

I will have a barcode scanner hooked up and would love for it to work the same as the keyed import.  The users will (hopefully) be scanning the pick tickets to bring up the load and enter the weight and such.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated since I am stumped.
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Doesn't it stink?  There are two approaches I'm using to work around this issue with varying degrees of success...

1)  Have a database of orders and a program that moves them to an import database as they ship.
2)  Do a batch import of only the shipping address keyed on the invoice number.
3)  (I'm not using) Pay UPS PSI lots of $$$ and have them fix it for you.  http://www.ups-psi.com/contact/inforequest.asp

Which one is better depends on how much data you have on each order and how much programming you feel like doing.

Hope this helps,



Yeah it stinks.  I hate the program.  The worst part is that the peopel at work "insist" it can be done.
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A random thought but have you tried it with the file being changed?  That's how I'm currently running the keyed import here but I'm going to have to abandon it due to multi-package shipments eventually.

It looks like you might be able to get someone to do it reasonable cheap (~$50) on http://www.rentacoder.com/ http://www.rentacoder.com/RentACoder/misc/BidRequests/ShowBidRequest.asp?lngBidRequestId=254129


I have everything but the weight at the time of shipment.  I haven't thought about using the UPS web API at all.  I was just assigned this task a few weeks ago and was told to make it work with what I have.  I will let you know if I find out anything.

We just went through that at work as well and our UPS rep (who helped design worldship, so he says) says it can't be done.

Sorry for the bad news.



Re-reading your question it sounds like your problem is you have multipule files you need to import.  Is there any constants we can work with (you know what they are, all in the same directory, ...) to get them all identified?

Depending on how heavily UPS subsidized you are and your shipping volume you might be able to get this fixed at no cost to your company.  Are you on good terms with your UPS account REP where you could take him/her out to lunch and discuss your concern with UPS's software and the possibility of looking at shipping FedEx if FedEx can solve your problem?

UPS recommends a software for integration between QuickBooks and UPS (doesn't work for us but that’s a different story...) that uses it's own custom ODBC driver to make it work as QuickBooks doesn't support ODBC.

I'm reasonable sure that you can get your own ODBC driver written that can query each database and send the first correct result back to UPS and have UPS subsidize it (you can't use it for a competitors if UPS subsides it).  I know my UPS account rep is trying to subsidize something every time I see him ;-).

Is this something that would work for you?

If not please give more information about your problem.



How did you end up working around this problem?


We just gave up.   He did mention that we could send the data to an AS/400 or a SQL DB and write a custom app to do it, but we haven't the time or the patience :)


It looks like we are going to stick with the keyed import method.  we just have to tweak our process from AS/400 a tad.  
I had the same problem and finally work around the solutions by using the SendKey command.

Most of my data is stored in Access, so a simple script to activate ups worldship, then walk the table and push data to the application from the database.  Also, using the customized tab orders helped to cut down on the number of keystrokes to program for.

Here is an example

Sub SendKeysToUPS()

Dim strShipToCustNum As String
Dim strShipToFullName As String
Dim strShipToAddr1 As String
Dim strShipToAddr2 As String
Dim strShipToAddr3 As String
Dim strShipToZip As String
Dim strShipToPhone1 As String
Dim strRecNum, strSONumber, strArtistCode As String

strShipToFullName = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToFullName.Text)
strShipToCo = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToCo.Text)
strShipToAddr1 = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToAddr1.Text)
strShipToAddr2 = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToAddr2.Text)
strShipToZip = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToZip.Text)
strShipToPhone = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtShipToPhone.Text)
strRecNum = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtRecNum.Text)
strSONumber = UCase(Form_Integrate.txtSONumber.Text)

Dim ReturnValue, I, K

AppActivate PID, True     ' Activate the UPS Software

'set ship to address
SendKeys "{F5}"     'clear shipment start ad residential address box

'check company name for residential address
Select Case strShipToCo
    Case Is = ""                'no company
        SendKeys " ", True
        SendKeys "{tab}" & strShipToFullName, True
        SendKeys "{tab}", True
    Case Is <> ""                'is a company
        SendKeys "{tab}" & strShipToCo, True
        SendKeys "{tab}" & strShipToFullName, True
End Select

SendKeys "{tab}" & strShipToAddr1, True
SendKeys "{tab}" & strShipToAddr2, True
SendKeys "{tab 3}" & strShipToZip, True
SendKeys "{tab 3}" & strShipToPhone, True
SendKeys "{tab}" & strRecNum, True
SendKeys "{tab}" & strSONumber, True
SendKeys "{TAB}"                            'tab to send from

SendKeys strSFID & "{TAB}" & "N"

'SendKeys strSFCompany & "{TAB}"
'SendKeys strContact & "{TAB}"
'SendKeys strSFAddr1 & "{TAB}"
'SendKeys strZip & "{TAB}"
'SendKeys strSFPhone & "{TAB}"


End Sub

Hope this helps.

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