Verify database prompting Crystal 10 RDC

We are converting from crystal 8.5 to 10 using the RDC.  I just found out that the connectivity methods used are different and am working on coding the new one.  We programmatically connect to the appropriate datasource depending on the environment the app is being run in.  In much of the doc covering how to do this, after connecting to each table, they do a database.verify.  This command is causing parameter prompts to pop up on several of our reports.  

A - is it necessary to do this command and
B - if so, how do we do it in such a way that we aren't prompted?

Thanks so much for all your help in advance.
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Hi babybird,

 If I read you right on this, you are programming the table properties of the report to change to the new datasource or connection info. If I have that info right, then no you don't need to do a verify report at all.

babybirdAuthor Commented:
Yes, you are correct. I'm looping through the tables and deleting the existing connection info and setting the new.

What is the purpose of the verify report?  when would I want to use it?
The verify report is more to check to see if the tables in the report match the tables in the database. And if the database has changed you can then use the verify report to make the database tables in the report upto date.

We have hundreds of reports in a single folder.  Can we write a small program that will open each report and verify each report, accept the prompts on any report tables that have changed and then close.  It takes us at least an hour per client update we perform.
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