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DTS package login failure

Do I have to assign a particular user or security to the package I create?

I am logging in and get a message in the asp page that says login failed for user.

objDTSPackage.LoadFromSQLServer "server_name","user_name","password",DTSSQLStgFlag_Default,"","","","getTime"


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Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question but if you just want to get the time, I suggest using the T-SQL GETDATE() function rather than running a DTS package.

    DTS may be done by some other USer with his own login name & u may not have provision/authority with the user.

Else the password u have given may not matched with the password supplied while creating the DTS

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The security context in which the job is run is determined by the owner of the job. If the job is owned by a login that is not a member of the Sysadmin server role, then the package is run under the context of the account setup as the SQL Agent Proxy Account, and has the rights and permissions of that account.

For SQL Agent Proxy to be able to run jobs that connect to SQL Server, the SQL Agent Proxy account must have proper Windows/NT permissions and be granted login access to SQL Server with appropriate database permissions. For the jobs that execute a DTS package, the SQL Agent Proxy Account must have read and write permissions to the temp directory of the Account the SQL Server Agent is running under. For example,
c:\Documents and Settings\<Account>\Local Settings\Temp
If the job is owned by an account (either a SQL Server login or a Windows NT authenticated login) that is a member of the Sysadmin role, the SQL Agent job runs under the context of the account used to start the SQL Agent service.

Also, if the job is owned by a Windows NT domain account and if the package is stored in the SQL Server or SQL Server repository (not as a file), you must start the SQL Server service by using an account from the same domain or an account from a trusted domain. For example, if the SQL Agent job is owned by an account from the USA domain, then the account used to start the SQL Server service must be either from the USA domain or a domain trusted by the USA domain. If the SQL Server is started using a local account, the package fails to run
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