DTS package has invalid data in destination column

When I preview my selection query all the records are fine and execute with no errors.

When I hit the test button in my activex script it executes with no problems and returns data in the window without error.

If I exit back to the designer workspace and right click on the package to execute it I get an error that there is invalid data

being passed to a destination column.

Any sugestions where to look or a specific action to take?


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Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can take credit for this question.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Any sugestions where to look or a specific action to take?<<
The preview is only selecting the first few rows.  Evidently the problem is beyond that.  Without know the specific nature of the query or error message it is a little difficult to contribute anthing more than that.
.. so prune your import file down and import bits and pieces of it till you find the offending row(s).
The test and preview only do a samll number of records not all of them. You might find that in later records you are trying to put letters into integer fields or something like that. Check the number of recs that are succesful and then try and track the offending record

dprice7Author Commented:
Sorry everybody,

I go tied up on other things.

Will be returning to this next week.

If I need to I will start a new question.


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