Added 2003 DC to a 2000 domain, want features of 2003

A client of mine has two servers, a windows 2K SBS (domain controller) and a Windows 2003 standard.  The 2003 server was used for as a terminal server.  Last month I promoted the 2003 server to a Domain controller.  I preped the forest and the domain first.  Now that I have the 2003 and the 2000 as domain controllers I still do not have the features of 2003.  What do I need to do to use use the functionality and advanced features of 2003??

Thanks for you help
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Get rid of SBS.  Or Upgrade to SBS 2003.  SBS MUST be the FSMO master for all 5 FSMO masters.  You can't upgrade SBS with standard server, you need the full SBS to upgrade.  Once all that's done, you need to upgrade the domain to 2003 Native mode.
TriYoungAuthor Commented:
So I cannot use Windows 2003 standard with windows 2000 SBS?  That does not seem right.
leew is correct since you can not have two domain controllers when you use SBS. If you want to use more servers in a SBS domain all other servers have to be member servers. So if you want to have full w2k3 functionality in your domain you have to upgrade your SBS machine to w2k3
TriYoungAuthor Commented:
But I have two domain controllers right now, one is 2000 and one is 2003.  They both are functioning, just not utilizing 2003.
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