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ERROR 411 , chunked transfer encoding

 hey everyone,
  I am trying to post an audio file from a CISCO Voice Gateway to Apache Server using VXML.I am getting a http 411 error.
  I know that While doing the POST, the gateway uses Chunk Transfer Encoding ( Not really clear on what it means)
  Could my web server not being able to handle chunk transfer Encoding be a reason for http 411 ( content lenght reqd)?
 I am trying to find out why my POST is not working, If it is what I am thinking ....my problem can be solved .......just want to make sure........i am thinking in the right direction..........Would appreciate some explaination about this.

2 Solutions
blinker82Author Commented:
how do I enable chunk transfer Encoding in Apache Server?

I have moved this to the Routers topic whre I think you will have a better chance of getting a solution.

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blinker82Author Commented:
hulo anybody there
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Best I can do is provide this link to Cisco's VoiceXML Programmer's Guide.

I've also seen some Apache bug reports regarding Apache not handling the chunked encoding correctly...
I don't see how this became a Routers problem or an Apache problem.

Chunked encoding has to be supported by the action that is invoked when you POST to it. Older-style CGI apps may not support Chunked and will fail if a content size is not included in the HTTP header. They depend on that header to know how much to read from their input socket. Chunked is an alternative, but if the app doesn't support it ....

I am working on the phisical / mac layers on hardware for years,

maybe the "chunk" overflow the MRU (max recieved unit = 1522 bytes)
check for the "frame_size_limit" in your system.

another option, maybe the "chunk" packets are dropped because of bad CRC at the end of the packets
blinker82Author Commented:
please refer to the question :-

Apache 2.0.54, Enabling Chunk transfer Encoding

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