How to write a dos script that can detect how many PCI card been installed in the system

Hi There,
I would like to try a dos script/C++ program that can run to detect that how many PCI card been installed in the system under DOS 6.22 environment, can anyone have reference or sample or even idea for me to refer to?

Thank you very much.

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KeirGordonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You really just need to get your hands on a copy of ta.exe, the target analyzer that runs in ms-dos, it ships on the windows embedded installation cds.... maybe you can find it on the net.  It will tell you all about pci cards, etc.   Google "Target Analyzer ms-dos"

Wow, that's a toughy.  

You want a complete history of EVERY card installed on your computer since the OS was installed on it????

It'll be tough since most of the driver is removed when you uninstall the hardware.

If there's a solution, someone here will more than likely have it.

AlexKhawAuthor Commented:
Hi AC,
No, I just want to detect how many cards is currently in the OS-less system, not the history for how many cards been installed in the system.
But that one you mention really a challenge..:-)

Thank you.
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Ah, whew :)

This may actually work for you.
Are you wanting to create a dos 6.22 boot disk that has a DOS .bat and/or .exe that runs on bootup and detects the pci devices?  
AlexKhawAuthor Commented:
Hi Preece,
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