Access Denied! Computer Hacked moved to new computer can not get access to folder!


So here is my story:

1. A system was hacked running Windows 2000 Server.
2. We purchased a new system WIndows XP Pro and used the hacked system as a slave to get informaiton off the hard drive
3. Know when I try to access a folder I get Access Denied.  

I can not find the owner of the file either!!!

What can I do to get this info in the directory?!

Thanks ahead of time,
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just rightclick the folder, and go to the security tab.
There click the button: Take Ownership
Make sure u click the option: include on al subdirectories and files in the folder.

This will get u to do it...

Another option is log on using your administrator account on your windows 2K server.
There select the harddrive you want to access, and also take ownership of everything on this drive.  Than you can set the security on the drive to Everyone Full Control.

This should definetly do the trick!


sporenzaAuthor Commented:
The problem I was having was I could not figure out how to turn on the security tab! But I got it now.


I'll split the point for yall
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