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Suggested sign wording for people to talk quietly

Working in a 1st and 2nd level helpdesk area opposite a kitchenette, we often get people who talk quite loudly right across from us. At times it is very difficult to hear people on the phone or to hear voicemails.

I am looking for some suggested wordings for a sign to ask people not to talk so loudly. We don't want to sound nasty and work is meant to be fun, but we just need people to be mindful of the fact we are often on the phone, trying to help people just like we help them when they call.

Would prefer no "funny" suggestions as it's quite a serious department, but also don't want to sound forceful.
3 Solutions
Quite Please. < or > Please keep it Down.
People Trying To Work.

Having a chat with some of the louder people and explain the problem to them, might help.
"Clients Within Earshot
Please Speak Quietly
Thank You
-The Management"

I think a funny image may help convey the message, even though you said not to do funny, because keeping the tone light will keep people from being offended, which will help speed adoption.

How about "Helpdesk Area, please speak softly"  or "Keep voices down please"

I dunno, I was also thinking of a way to sort of get that "ooh I'm helping too" feeling - "Helpdesk, and you can help too by keeping your voices down"
mftealAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your suggestions. Will use some derivative of those :)
Thank you much.    : )

Hope things quite down for you.    : )

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