No Sound, Sounds and Audion Devices Grayed Out

XP Pro, sound stopped working shortly after installing new AGP card.  The motherboard is ASUS K8E-N Deluxe with onboard sound.  I've reinstalled the drivers several times, both the ones that came on the CD and also the newest ones on the web site.  The sound card shows up in device manager and appears to be working properly; there are no devices that show an X or an exclamation point.  But when I go into Sounds and Audio Device Properties, the volume control is grayed out, and everything under the audio and voice tabs are grayed out.  When I run DXDIAG, it says "No sound card was found...".  I talked with ASUS and they sent me a new motherboard, but that did not fix the problem.  I tried a pci sound card, but it caused a blue screen.  I reinstalled SP2, but that did not resolve my problem.  For some reason, I now have only two previous restore points, both from this week and since my problem appeared.

I'm fairly convinced it is some type of a registry problem.   The only thing that seems to have resolved this problem for others is a reinstall, which I really don't want to do.  If anyone has seen this before, I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.  But please don't suggest that I reinstall the drivers, because I've done that over and over with old and new drivers.

Thanks for any help.
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gecko_au2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Go here :

They have a program / util called regmon, I think that is the one you are in need of with regards to checking the registry, I will confirm this in a little bit. Other then that what about registry mechanic :

That is assuming it is a registry problem !

Other then that what about doing this :

go to start --> run and type

sfc /scannow

making sure you have your windows xp cd

As a last resort try a repair install :
CTSLAAuthor Commented:
The registry cleaner did not work, the sfc /scannow did not work, but the Windows repair reinstall did.  I always thought that might work, but I hate making the "shotgun" repair - fix everything in Windows and you'll probably fix the problem.  I'd much rather put my finger on the exact problem (registry key, corrupt file, etc) so that I'll know exactly what caused it and how to fix it.

A couple of things to note in case anyone runs across this problem - first, after the Windows repair, device manager showed the sound card as disabled because of a device conflict.  It did not show this originally.  Second, under sound cards in device manager, set to show hidden devices, it now shows several Microsoft entries (kernel system audio device, etc) that were not there before the Windows repair.  I'm assuming it was some type of a device conflct that did not show up in device manager that was causing the problem originally.

Thanks gecko_au2003 for the suggestions, and the Windows reinstall repair that you suggested did fix the problem.
Your welcome, I just wish I knew the exact registry key because that would be good future reference knowledge !

Thanks for the grade and points btw !
I had same issue, I went into admin tools, unders services, there is a service called "AudioSrv" I found that for some reason the properties for startup for this services had been changed to "manual" I reset the service to automatic, and the service starts properly now and drivers load and sound works fine
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