Maxtor Hard Drive cannot detacted

My 20GB Maxtor HArd drive cannot detected, juz can go in PENTIUM 4 wallpaper only. I use it for slave also cannot, my data all will be gone? Please advise to extract out my data.....Thanks!
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is it detected in the BIOS?  If not, it's pretty much a lost cause unless you are willing to spend a lot of money.
Is the Maxtor your boot drive? or is it a seconday drive?

If it is the boot drive and you see the Windows wallpaper, then may be some life in the drive. What do you mean by "Pentium 4 wallpaper"?
I had a hard time understanding your question, but you are using the Maxtor as a slave???

I had the same problem b/c my MAIN drive was a Western Digital.  Set the Maxtor to slave on the jumpers and remove ALL jumpers from the MAIN drive.

Try it again and see if it works.
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OK, on further careful reading I _think_ I understand the question, which I will re-write below in case it's useful:

"My boot drive (Maxtor 20 GB) is not recognized by the BIOS. The system gets stuck after the initial memory test. Setting the drive to slave instead of master makes no difference..."

(Please correct me if I am wrong in guessing what you mean).

I suppose you can check whether the cables are loose, etc. and if the drive is even spinning. If possible, mount your drive in another system as a slave and see if you can recover anything. Check jumpers etc.  Others may have additional suggestions. You can also boot from CD and see what you can do, but if the BIOS does not even recognize the drive or if it isn't spinning it will be tough.
DannyGan9Author Commented:
the drive was not spining at all, that means it is spoiled already?
"the drive was not spining at all, that means it is spoiled already?"

Yes, most likely it is dead. You can make sure that the power is OK, just in case.

The best you can hope for is to get it spinning long enough to retrieve important files.
Here are some things you can try:

(1) Turn the power off and on a few times, sometimes this can get a drive spinning.

(2) Put drive in a plastic bag and then in a freezer overnight. See if it spins up the next day (I haven't tried this personally, somone else suggested this)

(3) While the power is on, tap the side of the drive sharply with the handle of a screwdriver.

If the files on that drive are super important, there are companies that can still recover them, but they are expensive.

If you get it spinning once, do not turn the power off until you have copied over all important files.

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