Where are the predefined securiyt templates in Windows 2000/2003 server defined

I guess I feel like an idiot asking this question but all I want is a reference that explains what each of the predefined security templates do. I can't find anything on this.

I want to know what each template will change. Can someone just point me to where these are all fully described and explained?
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Rich RumbleConnect With a Mentor Security SamuraiCommented:
on the run line (start>run) type
this will open the security policy m$ console for the local machine. Any changes you make to this GUI are actually making registry changes, this is pretty much the same for all GUI's in windows, the settings are stored in the registry. so if you were to turn off "hide system file" in your file manager settngs, it's make the registry change to do that for you.

For example in secpol.msc you can turn on various auditing settings, they change these keys:
habanagoldAuthor Commented:
Well I may have answered my own question but it is not exactly what I was looking for. I just added the security templates snap-in to my MMC console and can view what each template configures. I guess I was looking more for something in written form so I would still entertain and award points for a better reference.
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