file transfer through GPRS

     Really i need am imediate help from you experties in my problem please. am trying to send files from a gprs modem to another gprs modem where are both connected to PCs. i want to know all the possible ways to do that ? can i use AT commands to send files through GPRS if can how? other think how to recieve the file in the other modem and retrive it? If you have source code send that to me. please help??
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imarshadConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We are currently working on such a project..... The reality is that in most of the GPRS modems there is no builtin TCP/IP stack so you cant connect to the GPRS network using AT commands only..... If you will be connecting to the GPRS network through a GPRS modem that is connected to a PC then there is no such problem.... Below is a procedure that will allow you to connect your PC to internet (GPRS network) using the GPRS modem.....Since the modems are connected to the PC so it will be very easy to transfer files between the two.....
The easiest option is to make a dial up connection on both PC's..... Here is how to do it......

Firstly you have to add a new Modem at Comm Port 1. and Set its correct Baud Rate....
1) Add a new Modem and tell Windows "Do Not Detect My Modem I will select it from a List"
2) Select Standard 19200 Modem from the List
3) Select Port No. 1 for it
4) Now it will be added as a New Modem. So check its properties and Select the Proper Baud Rate...
5) Now goto Diagnostic Tools and Hit Query Modem.... The Modem should Answer the AT Commands
6) If the Modem fails to respond then you have missed a setting..
7) If the modem has answered then you are all set to make a new Dial-Up Connection
8) Now Make a new Dial-Up Connection and Select the "Standard 19200 Modem" as the Modem....
9) In the ISP No please write *99***1# and in the User Name and Password write yours(or leave empty).....
10) Now you will be able to Dial your GPRS and also able to Browse and Download from Internet....

So the first step is completed..... You will need to do this on both the ends(PC's).....
Now you will get an IP on both systems..... Now communication between these two systems is as simple as communication over a network..... All you have to do is to write a program (most probably using Winsock) on one side that will always be listening on a specific port. From the other PC you will need to write a program that will request a connection on that IP address and port...... Have you got the explaination so far or ?????

Imran Arshad

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