Setting up a VPN for free

I have a client how is looking to connect from the home pc to their office network via the internet, I am wondering what security measures i need to have in place to ensure a secure connection. Product names are welcome if necessary.
many thanks.
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You need some sort of a VPN server or appliance. You can certainly buy one, but if 'Free' is desired, then you could use a PC running Linux, and free ware like Open VPN, or PopTop,...

Here's a link on free, open-source VPN options for linux.

For Windows, I don't know of any free VPN servers, so you'll need to buy something. MS has RRAS (routing and remote access server) for example.

If you want to buy a network appliance, there are literally tons of, cisco, checkpoint, sonicwall, watchguard...just Google for 'VPN appliance' and you'll get lots of hits. Prices vary alot, depending on how many sessions you need to support, and what features they have.

Do you already have a firewall? If not, you can do a 2-for-1 and have the same device to both for you.

The device will typically have 2 network interfaces - one on the internal network, and one on the external network, OR you can hide it behind your firewall (if you have one) and just use NAT to allow access to it from the outside world.

On the client side, most of these things will either have their own software client that comes with them, or you can use the VPN client built into Windows when you 'add a new network connection'.

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