Outlook 2000 - Folders I have created are gone

Some of my folders I have created in Outlook are gone.
Is there a way to see if they are still there and re-attach to them so they show up in Outlook?
I think this happened before, and I had to go find them again and click on something so they
would show up in my Outlook 2000 client again.
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look in the folder list (view->folder list) and you should have a public folder option.  Once you have identified the specific public folder you are looking for you can add it to your "favorite" public folders and create a shortcut to it.
Are these folders within a PST file (personal folder) or mailbox, or do you mean the entire PST file or mailbox is gone?
mharmon777Author Commented:
Dont' think they are the PST files.
We had to recover our mail system. it had crashed.
All of our mail came back. However, there are a couple of users when they open outlook, some of the folders they created are gone??

mharmon777Author Commented:
As it turns out, these are public access folders.
Don't see them anymore at the desktop.
How do I find them???
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