Security/permissions in Access 2000

I'm creating a database for a friend and want to ensure that he can't change the design, view code, etc.

I've separated the database UI and data and joined them with the linked table wizard. This will mean that I can make changes to the UI without having to distrupt the user and email data to/from them - I can just send the UI file if changes need to be made. I don't want to create a MDE file.

I've tried to use the User Level security wizard. The ideal was to create a user called "Joe Bloggs" who logged in with a password to add/edit data on the forms, print reports etc, but not be able to see design, or code. There should be a second user (e.g. Admin) that I'd log-in with, which has a password to be able to have full functionality.

After running the wizard I find I can't even open the database myself  - it comes up with the message "You do not have the necessary permissions to access file...." Have your system administrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you" I AM the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR and DATABASE CREATOR so can't understand the message.

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Hi rwallacej,

If you have created new users then make sure you have logged in with a correct username/password and that you are joined to the correct workgroup file.

I hope you took a backup of your unsecured database .

I'm not sure that the security wizard in A2000 was that brilliant.  You would certainly be better off implementing security in a step by step way as described in the Access Security Faq  on the MS support site;en-us;207793
 or the shortened version here:
You are then in a much better position to handle any problems.

rwallacejAuthor Commented:
I've ended up using a mde file... I didn't know that I could do this when the UI file was linked to tables.

Thanks for help nonetheless
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