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Access to Domain Naming via VPN - Genius Needed

Hey Guys,

I have set up a VPN going from a Linksys to a SonicWall Pro 3600.  When I am on a desktop insdie the network I can access the severs and other computers via the name that I set up for them.  For example to ping the Domain Controller I would simply type in ping domain or to Ping the mail server I would type in ping mailserver1.  However, when I connect in via the VPN to the SonicWall the only way I can Ping anything is by it's assigned IP address.  Yes, this way works, but not like I want it to.  I have played with the settings on both for a day or two now and I hoped someone out there would have an idea on what to try next.  
I have checked the common sense stuff a couple times, but don't hold back.  Anything will be appreciated.

1 Solution
Have you try the using Domain DNS as primery DNS on client side?

Make sure you have the Domain's DNS AND WINS addresses on your SonicWall.   Without both of those, you won't have much luck.

Can you ping over the vpn to the FQN (servername.domain.local)?

Most probably you get all the IP-Settings from your linksys-Router right? On your workstation, you did not configure any specific IP-Setting, but left everything on DHCP, right ?

This means that your linksys-router assigns you a DNS-Server that is not able to resolve the names on the other side of the VPN.

There are three things you could do:

- have the Linksys-Router assign a DNS-Server through DHCP, that is able to resolve those names (such as the DNS-Server on the other side of the VPN
- manually configure your client to use the DNS-Server from the other side
- (if you have WINS active) manually or though your linksys-router assign a WINS-Server (the one from the other side) to your client.

all above are good points. just want to add a little here: depends on your VPN type:
1)if it is site-to-site VPN (vpn terminated at linksys and sonicwall, no VPN software required on PC), then it's up to your linksys to assign you a DNS server that knows those names on the other side of Tunnel.
2)if it is remote access VPN (you run VPN client software on your PC and connect to VPN server back to your internal network), then it's up to your sonicwall's VPN client pool configure, it should assign client a good DNS server to address the name lookup, and that settings will overwrite (unless you have a split tunnel) client original DNS settings once your VPN is active.
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