Lantastic 7.0 station won't connect to server

We have a legacy POS application running on a Lantastic 7.0 Server running Dos. Stations connect to the server via a network card with a boot rom.

This configuration was working fine in a PIII 800 Server. We moved the hard drive and network card from the PIII server to a P 4 server and now the stations cannot connect. The server sees the network card installed. We have a link light on the network card.  But the stations are waiting.

Can the P4 be too fast for this system?

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sounds like dos doesn't understand some of the features on the motherboard, hence it's all fubared..

try reinstalling the system?


I hate that solution too, someone come up with abetter one please.
I don't think it is running too fast.

On P4, you may want to disable the HT on Bios.
Sound like an IRQ problem.
Depending upon the card and the slot,you may have to edit a configuration file to match the IRQ on the new machine.

How to do it using 3Com cards:

You may have to play with the bios setting or use the NIC card utility to set up the correct IRQ's to match you configuration settings.
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