Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c' Path not found

The error I am getting is:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a004c'
Path not found
/6800/systest/BackfeedNoSave.asp, line 47

line 47 is marked with arrow:

    Set fs = server.CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject")
 ->Set f = fs.GetFolder("\\\tz00\uctrig")

I can manually map to this directory from the server itself using the windows explorer, so permissions doesn't seem to be an issue. The thing is, that it was working before and now it stopped all of a sudden. No changes were made to either of the servers. Please help!
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Ah, but maybe permissions are a problem :) If you're in the Windows explorer, you're logged
 in with your personal account. Running the script (ASP) means you're probably using the
IIS-Account (IUSR_...). This account might not have the same permissions as you do. The
same thing bit me once as well :)

You can either set up the website to use a different account (or log in with a different
account: better) or set the permissions on the remote server for the IUSR_... account
(beware though, then all websites could access the content there).


ok_lilyaAuthor Commented:
IIS uses a different account than IUSR_... for anonymous login.
It is defined to have a specific id, which has full control permissions on the server to which this is trying to connect to. This is what I don't understand...

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Any luck so far? (just wondering) :)
ok_lilyaAuthor Commented:
Yes actually. I added the id with which the application was running to the physical directory security.
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