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.SHD files remain in SPOOL directory and print months later

Have experienced this problem on 2 win2k pc's on an NT 4.0 network with about 40 PC's, mixed win98, win2k and XP. Problem has only occured on a Dell Optiplex and an IBM Thinkpad when printing to a networked HP4600DN printer. When the PC is powered off and then powered back on, print files from long ago start printing. A search of winnt\system32\spool\printers shows numerous .shd files.
The printer has been reinstalled with the latest drivers and both pc's have all service packs and security patches installed.
A user recently reprinted several hundred full color pages several times because the printer is not visible from her location and was not aware of the printing every time she restarted her PC.
1 Solution
Does this occur for new print jobs?  Meaning, if the user prints, it comes out the printer device, but the .shd file still stays there?  Or do the particular files in there just not go away?

You can stop the Spooler Service and remove those files, and then restart the spooler server if the later is the case.
mraineynolaAuthor Commented:
The jobs have successfully printed, as far as the user is concerned it is complete. However, the .shd file has remained but does not attempt to print again until the PC is powered off and then restarted.

It seems not to be consistent. Some jobs print and go away, but some jobs remain in the spool directory. I know I can manually remove them but that is not a viable long term solution, I need to stop it from happening. I suppose I could take radical action and install a batch file to run on startup that would wipe out the print que, but there ought to be a way to fix this.

It seems like some failure in bi-directional communication with the printer, but when you look at the printer queues, the jobs are not there until you do a restart.
Actually it is a known issue with Win2K and Windows 98, sometimes other OSes do the same to the print server.  You often need to go in and shut down the Print Spooler and clean out the winnt\system32\spool directory.  The issue is the client loses permissions to the file and can not delete it after printing it.  if the dir gets to full the print server will also stop printing.
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