Mac OS X corrupting file systems issue

Good Day to you support.

I have an issue, and it seems to be a Solid issue, and I cannot get a reply from Apple, Nor willthey
Publish this on there discussions board....

Problem Description:

After a drag drop copy across a network i get files that are corrupt, 35 of them to be exact,
from 14430 files ....
I have just network mounted a drive,  and drag drop of my Archive folder to the Net disk,
(G5 X Server disk) and 35 mins later done...  no errors reported...

However ! Now From telnet session.... as Good practice, I ALWAYS RUN a diff,
that takes another 35 mins, if not a slight bit longer....  and I got 35 files that differ.

As this is a binary diff, I am shocked.....

When I list two of the files,
> ls -l server:/backups/archives/Lily*  ./archives/Lily*

-rw-r--r--  1 chrispar  chrispar  69614379   31  Mar 17:46 <>Lily sepia - 556.psd
-rw-r--r--  1 chrispar  chrispar  69614379   12  Apr 18:30 <>Lily sepia - 556.psd

<>  is where i removed the path to make it easier to see here.....

they are the same size according to the ls output

Yet they differ from a binary check, and even worse, when I open the files in

Binary files  <>Lily sepia - 556.psd  <>Lily sepia - 556.psd  differ

Photoshop CS, it tells me the file is corrupt, yet some open OK....

Now call me paranoid....  but went back and Did a diff of ALL my archive files, well the ones that are
there, and I get the same BUT with Different files. Sure enough it is a Definate corruption.  
However I have only just started this diff after my copy, as I always prior used Retrospect....  and to tape.

Drag and drop is more convienient....  RIGHT..

Command used to determine this..

diff -q -r -y filea fileb

Note:  I am so Stressed that this is an Major issue, I have performed a disk
check, (fsck) both the Source disk, and destination disk, I removed the files from the Destination
and re-copied the whole Archive directory again.

diff .....  Guess what, now I have 42 files that differ, and some open in Photoshop and some are reported
as being corrupt. Changed to a different application, iphoto, and it too is worse, it Creates a Huge slowdown
in iPhoto these different files.

This is is what I also did.
Opened photoshop with my Laptop ARCHIVES SHARED, and it sees the files OK, opens OK, and then
I save these on the Server and all OK.

So after all this I am certain, that the corruption arrived at the point of drag and drop Copy across the network
to the Net shared drive.

NOW I tried the same thing in the Office Network, same Issue....  and again I create a copy on a friends G5
desktop, and the same problems with file corruptions, different files but again I see 20 different files and some
times more than 50.

No one at Apple is responding....  I scoured the net for more than 4 days now !!!  

One last thing, I cloned the disk, 2 times with different local Firewire disks, sometimes the Clones were different,
and this is probably why Apple on there pages Say format disks first before making a Alternative Boot disk.

This is my Business I am worried about, as Mac is my standardised platform, I am wondering when this first was
introduced...  and I have to Keep these files, as they are Archives for My Clients...  Clients Are MY Life !!!!

Any abouts, updates, Help....  insights or Pointers.....

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Hi Chris,
       Are all of the tests that you did going to the Xserver and to the same account (user) on there?   If so you might have a user preference corruption, and that could be the issue,  based on that did you try to create a new user on it?   I am guessing that you probably tested for all of this, but I wanted to make sure, because sometimes even the best of us forget some things.   It could also be something on the XServer, so have you tested Draging and Droping to something else for the test, besides the successful SUN Samba Server?
    Are there any USB/FireWire cards in any of these machines that we are talking about?   I am seeing issues on the net with many of these types of cards, so that is a possibility, "if" there are any being used.

      Also I have seen your post above on the Apple discussions, I saw one on April 21st, pretty much says the same as above.   So you know that board just has people on it like here, I would not say any true Apple support people actually look at that.    Since this is a major issue as you say, and I agree.   Have you called the Apple Support  and go to the lower section to Technical Support.

Since it sounds like your clients are probably constantly upgrading you should fall under the license in some way, you could pay too though, but I would try to get around paying as well.

Also you could try calling a local Apple Store (if you have one near you) and ask to speak to someone at the Genius bar, and/or go in to see one, and see if they have a suggestion.

     This definitely does not look like it is very common.   However, I will continue to try to help, but the apple technical support line may be your best bet, and keep giving me more info, as it helps me narrow down searches, and commonalities.

Steven Stuart
Hi Chris,
      Are all the problem files in Photoshop, so far readying what you posted that is what it appears to be.   I have found some things in relation to this as far back as 10.2.   If you can clarify this, I can at least place that on here.  However, I would like more info.   What OS's are involved in this?  When you are dragging and dropping is it an external FireWire Drive?   Give me any other information that you think might be pertinent.

Steven Stuart
This main issue is that the disk space on your netwrok. The server is not able to correctly traslate the exact disk space to the client machine. As a result, when you copy files, it seems they are copying but infact they dont and tend to get corrupted

What needs to be done, is you need to keep ample of empty space in your netwok drive and not make it completely full.

Try emptying the network drive

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chrisparAuthor Commented:
Bit more of info about my Setup.

Server is a Mac Xserve G5,  with Hardware Raid, and 3 x 250G disks.  OS Server 10.3.8
My files on Laptop G4, OS X 10.3.9.

The File Copy Originally was to the Xserver Archive server from my Laptop.

I currently have 410GB of available space on the Xserver.

The FIles that are corrupted are Mostly Image files, hence My business, and hence the major issue
that I am facing here.

No Applications are the issue here, ie. Photoshop, iPhoto.....  as  this is a Pure and Simple Drag drop
of a local Archive directory to another place.

I have done this test on Many systems since, to as many combinations as I could think.
Guess What! ALL gave Some number of Different files.  

Things to note.

Not always the same files, even if the Exact same copy is performed.
Some of the corruptions are not seen in the images..
Some of the Corruptions are SEEN in an Excel spread sheet, it was a Calculation Cell corrupt.

For a second test, I used a SUN Samba server also many Gig of Free space, to make the same dump.
ironic, it was Very slow compared to the Xserver G5, HOWEVER No corruption following the same
binary compare, that took an era.

Can you see that this is a Consistent apple ( Network ) , and REAL threat to me and anyone else...

I cannot understand this, and certainly cannot accept it.  Problem is!  Who to call....  Apple won't even
respond,  and they have not published ANY of my mails on the discussions bulletin boards.

Hope someone on this alias can shed some light.  Anyone need any more info, be more than happy
( time allowing ) to comply....

Someone Must have seen this before.. and I now think this is why when you make a boot disk it seems
to be a hit and Miss affair. (another issue another day, but I strongly beleive now they are related)

chrisparAuthor Commented:
thx for the Very helpful reply...  I will be contacting the Apple local store, Only Not too helpful here ;)

It follow on from your hints, and the many Other tests I have performed spending many hours, as again
data integrity is actually My Business.

Created many new users, new profiles, and Even between two different Mac servers.  Also another isssue
based on the same, ZIP file 1.8GB of the images, well...  the zip file is also different from a binary point
of view. And again sometimes this Unzip without issue, sometimes i got the message "Zip file corrupt
maybe corrupt" message.

You know what, I do indeed get an issue with drag and drop.

If I use the standard unix ways to do this, (ie. tar, rsh .....) all went fine.  Even to my original server.

I am 90 % certain this issue is now related to Drag and drop.  BUT the last 10 % is bugging me.....

Every time I have created a boot disk,  (Disaster Purposes), I randomly got bootup issues, Somtimes
failing completely, checking the image is Almost near impossible, as the second you do the copy
so many changes occur on the system disk in anygiven period even while copying.

However, digging through many apple support sites, and many of these disgussions, I see many
issues that seem to take on a Corrupt issue.

Bad Preference files, None boot up of Backup disks, Lost links, corrupt Library files, Applications
that won't start, or hang crash, ....  Get the message

They all have data corruption  feel to them... and include some form of Disk usage, copying .....
 so I am worried to the Integrity of ALL theses issues.......

As of today, I do all my Dumps to a Slow Samba Server, and To a firewire Disk, using rsync and
comparing after I am OK !!  However this drag drop issue is major  and will persue.

Many thanks for all the help and replies..  Will update if any word or Solution araises..

This only a short comment... wow you guys can sure type. BUT:-

We run a network of G5's all anchored to a unix server (we are a retouching company) and we noticed that every now and again, a copy (drag and drop) or a save (direct from Photoshop) would result in corruption. Now there is a long explanation as to what was happening, but basically we were told to dismount network drives after a period of 4 hours and remount them. This cleared out some sort of OS X file cache. We ahven't had the problem since. Don't know if this is related, but I thought I would share...

chrisparAuthor Commented:
I am Sick !!!

I cannot Understand this issue, I have been short of  throwing this whole Data Archiving
thing out the window, not being able to drag drop, is essential.

PS.  iDisk    

Has anyone considered how good there iDisk is, ie. html mounted disk on apples Site.

I am about to give this a go...  and then check the integrity of the uploads...

As this is as close to my scenario (Setup) and why my business is in jeapody...


Over the past few years I have ignored the odd file corrupt issue on opening, Now I am wishing
I had not.
Hi Chris,
       Did you talk to your local Apple store or the Apple Technical Support hotline?    I do actually mean "Apple store" not a store that sells or fixes Mac's,  they still might be able to help, but I think this is something that needs to be either fixed by Apple or already is and they can let you know.
      Remember even on the Apple discussions site, it is mostly people like you and me that are just trying to help others.

Steven Stuart
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