VBcrlf not working in Outlook messages

Have an ASP page that captures changes to users profiles.
These changes are e-mailed (SendMailCSO) for review.
Reviewer would like each change on a seperate line.  
I use vbcrlf to do this.  It must work as if I do a view source on the message (in Outlook) each change is on its own line. However, viewing in Outlook, the vbcrlf's are ignored.
Any way to have lines break so that Outlook sees these changes?

My apologies if this is the wrong area for the question, but I thought ASP experts may have run into this issue, based on other posts regarding vbcrlf.

Thank you,

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ajaikumarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If you are sending the mail as Text you can use VBCRLF or you have to use </BR> tag.

You might have specified something like this.
MailObject.BodyFormat = 0   'For HTML Mail
MailObject.BodyFormat = 1   'For Text Mail

Try Chr(13) + Chr(10)
jitgangulyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If its HTMl also try <BR>
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joekusAuthor Commented:
Chr(13) + Chr(10) did not show any change

<BR> throws error, but works as

  & "<BR>"
It has to be within quotes like

Respons.Write "Hello "  &  "<BR>"
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