recover data from a palm m100 after batteries fail

I have a Palm Pilot m100 that was not used in quite a while.  The batteries ran down.  I replaced them.
When I power it on, I get the main logo screen and immediately after that, I get the following screen:
                   "Erase all data"
                   YES- "up" button
                   No-- any other button.
I tried all the other buttons, but nothing happened.  The screen just goes blank and when I turn the machine back on, I get the logo screen all over again.

I also tried to reset in the back with no results.

My question is:  is my data totally lost? or is there some way to recover it.

I didn't have the desktop software installation screen in my new computer, so I just downloaded it from PALM.  In other words, I don't have a backup to the data in my pilot.
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vadim_tiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry, but it is looking your data is totally lost
bluelizardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i believe that data is lost, but you can try the special soft reset: hold the up-key while pressing the reset button (on the back) -> this causes a soft reset with certain exceptions (no data will be erased).  even though i doubt that this will improve the situation, it's worth a try...


I would install the desktop software on a computer and attempt to sync with said computer.  If the sync works then go to the palmone folder and locate the backup files, if they are placed there by the hot sync.  You should be able to press the up button to delete data, then hot sync again and it will restore the data from the PC to the m100.
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