Imaging 2000 Server to new Hardware - Driver Problems


1.) Dell PowerEdge 2500 with Windows 2000 Server and a lot of man-hour software configuartion time.
2.) Ghost Image of the server in number 1
3.) New Dell PowerEdge 2600 we want to put the image on.


The new server uses a different raid controller so the image won't recognize the drives.  

I desperately need a way to install the necessary drivers into the 2500 ghost image, so we can put it on the 2600.  Replicating the configuration hours to the new machines is unacceptable unfortunately.  The machine needs to pick up exactly as it was before.

Any help is greatly apprciated!  I am awarding the rest of my points(605) to this one.  


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No IDE? What about a USB external drive? A PCI IDE card?

No, nothing will screw up, and I can promise that. :) Nearly. :D

Any services that implicitly require a hotfix or SP will fail, as the service will still exist, but not have the correct DLL's or drivers. Finishing the SP install will sort this out. I've even done an in-place upgrade to an XP sp2 machine back to SP1 - the firewall and various other services fail, but as soon as you reapply SP2 it all comes good.

I can't actually think of any 2000 service that requires SP4 to run.
I did exactly this with a W2k3 server.

You might need to pre-load the PERC (4? i guess) drivers.

Run Windows Setup from the CD in windows to perform an in-place upgrade.

Let the wizard run through. When the server reboots, shut it down and ghost the image over.

Reboot in the new server, it will run through the regular upgrade, including detecting devices and rebuilding the HAL. You will need to reapply service packs and hotfixes.

Alternatively... Heh. This is messy, but may be better if the above doesn't work or if the drivers can't be detected properly)

Ghost to an IDE drive, in the 2500. Disconnect the 2500 RAID. Boot from the IDE drive in the 2500, then do the setup thing above.

Put the IDE drive into the 2600, and finish the setup. Then you can got one of 2 ways:

Add the drivers to the IDE drive (with the card present this will be easier than preloading), Ghost to the RAID, remove the IDE and start it up - you should be right.


Add the drivers to the IDE drive, and convert to Dynamic. Convert the Array to Dynamic. Use Disk manager to mirror all partitions to the RAID. Remove the Mirror (don't break it, use LDM to remove it!) Before rebooting, edit the boot.ini file to have

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows Server 2003, Standard" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows 2003 Rdisk 1"

The reason for this is that if the disk ID changes it may hang on boot, and pre-editing this file will let you retry various options if it doesn't work. That said, W2k and W2k3 are much smarter than NT4.0 when it comes to ARC paths, so 0,0,0,1 will proably work.


Have a beer.

Now, the second (ghost via IDE) method is a more robust method. At the end of the day you still have a fully in-tact 2500 server that you can fall back on if it all goes pear shaped.

pgp4privacyAuthor Commented:
The 2600 is Perc 4/Di and 2500 is Perc 3/Di.

I tried to pre-install the drivers on the 2500 via the download from dell, but when I go add new hardware wizard and point it to the oemsetup.inf file nothing shows up to install as if it wont' let me because the hardware is not detected.  I suppose that is it.

I didn't think the 2600 had an IDE channel, but I will check and if so, I am going to try your IDE route.

Thank you very much for your reply, this is a problem I have no other avenue but to find a solution utilizing the ghost image

One question though.  With your first method of running the install from within windows, will this screw up anything since I have to re-install service pack and hotfixes?(I know you can't know everything it will screw up, but anything in particular that you can think of that might alter my software config on the machine).

I will keep you posted.

How did you go?
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