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Cached Login Expired?

I have several remote users and have had four in the past month call with the following error when trying to log into their workstation/laptop.  
No Domain Controller is available for domain (INSERT DOMAIN HERE) due to the following:

The System log shows the above message with Error 5719 from NETLOGON along with the following:

There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request. .
Make sure that the computer is connected to the network and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your domain administrator.

The system log also shows an error being unavailable to assess the Ntp Server right after the first error.  The one common thing about all these users that's different from all outside staff is the fact I've set them all up to use Outlook/Exchange 2003 RPC via HTTP.  I can't think of anything common between all of these users.  

I've been able to fix all of them up to date by have them log in and use the dial-up networking option from the login screen and connect to the network via a pre-established VPN connection.  That seems to have solved the problem for all but the most recent users.  

Any and all suggestions would be aprecciated.

1 Solution
If the CachedLogonsCount is set to 0 as stated in this artticle, user's will be unable to logon without authenticating.


Hope that helps.
bsbgolfAuthor Commented:
I called MS to also consult on this issue and they gave me the same answer, but I still don't have any knowledge as to how or why those cached slots are being filled up.  The only suggestion MS made was about the Windows Update, but I still think it may have something to do with the RPC via HTTP email configuration.  I'm going to accept your suggestion as it was the same thing.  Thanks for the prompt reply.

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